The inaugural Automotive Engineering Congress and Exposition, AUTOCONEX, organized by the Automotive Engineering Centre and Society of Automotive Engineers, took place from January 24th to 26th, 2024. The event featured various modules including a Car Show, Industrial Exhibition, Panel Talks, and Abstract Presentations, providing a platform for automotive enthusiasts.

Day 1 commenced with an opening ceremony attended by notable guests such as the Governor of Punjab, the Vice Chancellor of UET, the US Ambassador, CEOs, and faculty members. Inspiring speeches were delivered, focusing on working principles and challenges overcome by various companies. AUTOCONEX facilitated valuable insights, fostering collaboration among industry leaders, academia, and students.

On Day 2, impactful research was showcased through Abstract Presentations, where participants from across Pakistan shared their work, discussing its influence on the automotive field and ideas for future improvements. This collaborative platform bridged academia and industry, celebrating innovation and laying the groundwork for advancements in automotive engineering.

Day 3 featured a visit by representatives from SAE UET to the University of Home Economics Lahore, organizing an EV exhibition and a seminar on Women’s Mobility Barriers and Opportunities. Notable figures such as Ms. Sumaira Samad, Ms. Syeda Sherbano, Ms. Fahmeeda, and Ms. Bushra Khaliq were invited for the seminar.

Overall, AUTOCONEX provided a dynamic platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration, with a focus on celebrating innovation and addressing pertinent issues in the automotive industry.